Who are the Winters Fellows?

The concept of Fellows has a long history. At one time they were exclusively scholars who had been appointed by the Master to align themselves with a particular college for the purposes of research and tutorials. At present, and to better reflect contemporary society, we have broadened this idea. Fellows are chosen from both inside the University community and outside in the world beyond the campus boundaries. They are selected on the basis of the contribution they can make to the academic, intellectual and artistic life of the Winters community. Some have offices in the college, but most do not.

In order to foster a lively and exciting interaction between the fellows and the students, Winters has always endeavoured to appoint not only Fine Arts faculty but also scientists, historians, chemists, geologists, and social scientists, among others. Other fellows include staff, members of the Board of Governors and alumni – all individuals who have shown a commitment and willingness to enrich and enliven our lives here. Together with the students, they are the heart of the college. Indeed, the Winters College Fellows Scholarship Award (presented annually at convocation to Winters students who have achieved academic excellence or made distinguished contributions to college life) is funded by the generous donations of the fellows.