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Hello from our Winters College Mentors! We are upper year student success mentors who have been trained to engage and connect with you to help you with your undergraduate experience!  To learn more about us check out our profiles below and if you have any questions regarding transitioning to York or if you have any ideas for events you would like us to host, please email us at

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Name: Briana
Program: Film Production
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I learned how to speak French before English, but I’m fluent in both!
Hobby: Illustration, Photography and Fashion!
Favourite Class: Editing & Alternative Project Workshop
Favourite thing about Winters: All of the talented and extremely kind people in the Winters community!
Name: Emma
Program: Theatre Production and Design
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: Im a ginger!
Hobby: Working out!
Favourite Class: My favourite class is Stage Craft and Making Media
Favourite thing about Winters: My favourite thing about Winters is the amazing sense of community and family!
Name: Manuella
Program: Music BFA
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I have a college diploma in Film Acting
Hobby: I play Capoeira in my free time
Favourite Class: Composition
Favourite thing about Winters: How welcoming the community is to everyone and how we thrive on diversity and acceptance.
Name: Zahra
Program: Visual Arts
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I lived in three different countries this year!
Hobby: Recently it’s been making comics and kickboxing
Favourite Class: Comics and Social Justice
Favourite thing about Winters: Its diversity of artistic expression!
Name: Shenel
Program: Dance and Business Administration
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I love to organize and plan out my schedule in advance
Hobby: Recently, a hobby of mine has been researching interesting topics
Favourite Class: Humanities
Favourite thing about Winters: The community and how welcoming everyone is!
Name: Samira
Program: B.F.A., Hons. Maj/Min Music & Business
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I have lived in five countries
Hobby: Watching documentaries
Favourite Class: Jazz Vocal
Favourite thing about Winters: The fact that there is a community of creative and open-minded people with whom I can work
Name: Lukas
Program: Digital Media
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: He/Him
Fun Fact: I play 6 instruments
Hobby: Photography
Favourite Class: Introduction to 3d animation
Favourite thing about Winters: The people I’ve met through Winters
Name: Ola
Program: Theatre
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I can’t skate
Hobby: Photography
Favourite Class: Stage management 
Favourite thing about Winters: That it’s a community that fosters growth
Name: Audrey
Program: Screenwriting
Year: 3th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I’ve read every single one of Shakespeare plays for fun
Hobby: Reading, Writing, and Sewing
Favourite Class: Film Art
Favourite thing about Winters: How creative and talented everyone is!
Name: Juliette
Program: York Sheridan Design
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: My favourite kind of music is surf/indie rock
Hobby: Sewing, guitar, and rollerskating
Favourite Class: Editorial Design
Favourite thing about Winters: Playing pool in the JCR

Completing my degree
Do you have any questions relating to your degree requirements? Or what courses to take? Or how to petition your courses? We recommend you make an appointment with the Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS). OAISS is your destination for undergraduate advising, peer mentoring, and academic support.

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