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School of AMPD (Arts, Media, Performance and Design)

Hello from our Winters College Mentors! We are upper year student success mentors who have been trained to engage and connect with you to help you with your undergraduate experience!  To learn more about us check out our profiles below and if you have any questions regarding transitioning to York or if you have any ideas for events you would like us to host, please email us at

You can reach our Winters College Peer mentors here:

Name: Boyan
Program: Film Production
Year: 4th
Pronouns: He/Him
Fun Fact: I used to play National Level Water Polo
Hobby: Graphic Design, Editing, Drawing, Writing, Simulating Sports
Favourite Class: Writing for Television, and Editing
Favourite thing about Winters: The truly amazing community and the ability to be whoever you wish to.
Name: Gloria
Program: Theatre – Acting Stream
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/They
Fun Fact: I used to live in China (ages 0-4)
Hobby: Watching Reality Television
Favourite Class: Movement
Favourite thing about Winters: The Ab and the community!
Name: Katherine
Program: Music and Education: Intermediate/Senior Divisions
Year: 6th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I speak Italian fluently!
Hobby: Playing Dungeons and Dragons
Favourite Class: Gospel Choir with Karen Burke
Favourite thing about Winters: The community. Winters really is like a family and I don’t know where I would be without it.
Name: Zahra
Program: Visual Arts
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I’ve got forty cousins from one side of my family, I’ve had five cats, 50 fish and 2 turtles.
Hobby: All things art, singing in the shower, amateur food connoisseur
Favourite Class: All the acrylic painting courses I’ve done so far!
Favourite thing about Winters: It’s vibrancy and diversity of talent!
Name: Shenel
Program: Dance Performance & Choreography/ Business Administration
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother that attends York and is also a business major!
Hobby: Drawing, cooking, and dancing randomly around my house.
Favourite Class: Dance studies and Dance Kinesiology
Favourite thing about Winters: I admire the community and togetherness of the students. Everyone’s always extremely positive and reassuring.
Name: Samira
Program: Music (Jazz Vocals)
Year: 2nd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I have lived in 5 countries!
Hobby: Exercising, watching Netflix, seeing friends, being creative, napping (my favourite)
Favourite Class: Jazz Vocals Private Lessons (vocal training)
Favourite thing about Winters: The amount of different creative people who all work together for their common love for The Arts.
Name: Manuella
Program: Music Major. Theatre Minor.
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I am also the VP External for WCC
Hobby: Capoeira
Favourite Class: Composition
Favourite thing about Winters: The community
Name: Madeleine
Program: Theatre: Performance Creation & Design
Year: 5th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I like cartoons and animated shows/films a lot and want to work in this field after I finish school.
Hobby: I enjoy drawing, singing and watching movies with friends
Favourite Class: Set and Costume Design for Theatre
Favourite thing about Winters: The people who work there, the events and the spirit.
Name: Briana
Program: Film Production
Year: 3rd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Montréal, QC so I’m a huge Montréal Canadiens fan!
Hobby: Drawing, Photography and Fashion
Favourite Class: Film and Video Production
Favourite thing about Winters: All of the talented and extremely kind people in the Winters community!

Completing my degree
Do you have any questions relating to your degree requirements? Or what courses to take? Or how to petition your courses? We recommend you make an appointment with the Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS). OAISS is your destination for undergraduate advising, peer mentoring, and academic support.

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